ICC Pre Assessment Knowledge & Skills Course

Pre Assessment Practice- Knowledge & Skills Checks & Training Days

Skills confirmation days prior to taking the ICC assessment are available for either under 10 metre candidates,  or for candidates who require the 10 – 24 metre ICC.

These days include practice and training in theory and practical sessions to ensure you are completely ready and competent to successfully complete the ICC assessment.

These days can be arranged on a flexible basis to provide bespoke training to suit your current level of knowledge and experience.

The days are available on your own vessel (Please see the required safety equipment list) or on a vessel arranged by us.

The cost of the instructor for these sessions is £300 per day plus the cost of the vessel & fuel. (Up to 4 persons can be aboard for the purposes of knowledge and skills checks).

The cost of the ICC assessment is £200 per person. Group discounts are sometimes available.


The ICC Assessment

Applicants for the UK ICC issued by the RYA who do not already hold an eligible RYA or MCA certificate, but already have the required level of competence can take the ICC Assessment to demonstrate their competence.

The syllabus for the ICC assessment is detailed on the ICC application form.  Candidates can also purchase the RYA ICC Handbook from YAHBT enquiries to guide you through the requirements.

AMJICC Pre Assessment Knowledge & Skills Course